Spectrum Sys.96-fusing Pack

Spectrum Sys.96-fusing Pack

The 96 pack is a broad variety of System 96 glass in one slick package. Twenty eight colours are included. Whether you’re a fusing novice or an established artist checking out the “newkid on the block”, the 96 pack contains enough glass to let you explore what system 96 can do.

Each 96 pack includes: 27 sq.ft of “testing compatible” sheet glass in 12” x 12” and 6” x 12” pieces. Approx. 20kg of glass. 28 different colours, with extra clear, black or white. Includes Cathedrals, Opals, Hi-fire irridescents and gorgeous Fracture streamer. Samples of glass goodies: 5 varieties of System 96 glass frit, (5 different colours in 5 different particle sizes, a bag of “stroodle” (stringers and noodles)


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Weight 23.00kg
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